Training Plans

Never participated in a mud run? Fear not. Check out our training schedule to help you along in the months and weeks prior to the run.  It’s never a bad idea to do some strength training along with some running to prep your muscles for the Rough ‘n Tough Mudder. It’ll only make race day easier and more fun! Train with friends, there’s no better motivation than a training buddy to keep you accountable.


Emma Sullivan from f.i.t in Braham kindly built 3 different training plans for y'all to follow. 


Check them out below.


Are you a mud run newbie? Even if you're a very beginner, accident prone or previously injured, we got you covered. Pair both of these plans together and you'll own this course! Plans begin Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1.


Think you can probably run a 5k and you kind of work out? Choose one or both of these plans and rock this Rough 'N Tough Mudder Against Hunger. These 8-week plans begin Monday May 28 and Tuesday, May 29. 


Pick one or both of these 6-week plans if this ain't your first rodeo and you know your way around a dumbbell. These plans begin Monday, June 11 and Tuesday, June 12.