Race Day Details

We have 22 obstacles in all. You're going to crawl, jump, run, wade, and climb through all the terrain on New Hope Community Church's property. Until these obstacles are firmly planted in the ground, the list is subject to change.

We will have waves of participants starting every 15 minutes.  Waves could have up to 40 people so remember to sign up with your friends.

Bring a valid photo ID to check in (cause you can't race without it!) and bring cash for the food trucks on site! Be sure to check-in one hour in advance of your heat time. Let us know you're here and ready to go!

We're also collecting non-perishable food items for Family Pathways Hunger Relief, so feel free to bring a bag of food items along! We would appreciate it and they would, too!



The Big Turd 

Zig-Zag back and forth over while jumping over rope


Pyramid Climb 

Climb over square hay bales


Spider Web 

Just like it sounds, you're maneuvering through ropes hanging in the trees


Tire Roll

Roll it up and roll it down--don't let it get way from you!   


Wall in the Woods 

Use your Spiderman skills to climb up and over a 12' wall


Mud Pit

You're about to get dirty! This is why you wear compression clothes.  


Magic Lily Pad

You're gonna need good balance to cross these floating pads. 


Country Hurdles  

Square hay bales, that's how we roll. 


Nerf Range Water Cross 

Concentrate! Don't lose your balance as you're walking the plank across the pond while being shot at with Nerf guns.   


Rat Crawl 

Dark and dirty, and maybe rodent infested?! Crawl your way through this tight space.


Zig-Zag Ditch

Bounce back and forth using the ditch as your berm.


Cargo Net Climb

Spiderman Part II. Climb up and down.   


NASCAR Shopping Cart 

Weighted grocery bags? No problem. Show us your NASCAR skills through this maze.


Sewer Crawl 

There's light at the end of the tunnel! Just go find it.



Lots and lots of hay in the form of big, round bales. 


Tire Run

If you trip up, you may land on your face! Fast feet will get you through.


Fire Fighter  

Jump the flames and look cool while doing it. 


Swamp Monster 

Be the monster and own that swamp! Use the cargo net above your head to pull you along.


The Wall

Use ropes or hand/foot holds to make your way up and over a 12' wall.  


Carry Your Load 

A 30# sand bag? No big deal! 



Be a kid again. Throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.



Over walls and under ropes. Just like a snake.